Trump GIF – Hitting Clinton With a Golf Ball

Mr. Trump is today tweeting an animated gif that appears to depict him striking Ms. Clinton in the back after teeing off, with a rather clumsy swing. I can only describe this as nasty, Thomas Nast would surely have had such in his vocabulary of cynic renderings where he alive today.

This is an example of the classless expressions that have been part of our electoral system since the time of Andrew Jackson. We are all on the same team, if any one of us scores, we still win. That simple concept is not the path taken by most of the voices we hear in the media. Personal attacks should never be part of any public servant’s dialogue. Never. It is easy enough to disparage Mr. Trump, he makes his own problems and granting him the awareness that would make him culpable for his actions would be an upgrade for the man, so I generally try to avoid singling him out, it’s just too easy.

It is easy to say the system needs to change, what is hard is defining the path to a government that cooperates within itself and creating the inherent values for such within those that participate. There is no lack of leadership, there is lack of respect. The right person has not come along that might, through their own personal charm, move everyone in the right direction. A man or woman who would be the catalyst in the chemical stew that is our current congress and administration.

The underlying lack of unity in our government is what is holding us back technologically. Our cities still live on a series of electrical extension chords, think about it, we use the same method of transferring electric power as we did 100 years ago. Without that line on the pole or under the ground, you are off line. That is not progress, that is a lack of societal self awareness.

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