The Classless Accusation from The White House on Twitter

What can we say. There is no way to turn away from the sense of embarrassment by the accusations Mr. Trump has alleged by President Obama on Twitter.

I am reminded of seeing an ex-girlfriend’s band, how embarrassed I was for her for singing so poorly. I think many of us have been in that position, that despite your support and favor, a certain person you’ve invested some emotion in has done made a poor showing in some way.

We can look the other way, shake our head and pretend it didn’t happen, or get carried away in some anti-Trump tirade. Defining the “best” way to consider this may mean an evaluation of your expectations from government. Understanding that there is not a “statesman” in the White House is the first step in wrapping your mind around this, if you can. Tweeting insults is not what a gentleman does, right or wrong. This is one aspect we admire in Mr. Pence. He’s a real smoothie, never sweats, a real pro clean-up man with a lot of confidence. We here at Voting Mirror don’t agree with Mr. Pence’s stance on nearly anything, but highly respect his professionalism and abilities to dance around the biggest blunders from Mr. Trump.

Each time we hear about one of Mr. Trump’s outrageous Tweets, we consider how this will be considered after some years have past. Certainly there are things we have yet to see and hear about. What do you think?

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