Is Donald Trump Orchestrating Disaster?

We regard Mr. Trump as a man who creates his own problems, much the same way he creates his own publicity. We also think that criticizing a sitting president, especially one like Don Trump, is an easy out and a road tread far too often. However, after State Department Spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, made a left handed comment about “our long relationship” with the government of Germany in a D-Day announcement, it becomes apparent she is trying to defend the right wing comments from the US Ambassador to Germany, Rick Grenell.

On face value Heather Nauert appears uninformed and ignorant of history, but looking closer, you realize she is an extension of the right wing factions within the white house, which include the president. Mr. Trump made no acknowledgement of his Ambassador to Germany telling Breitbart News he wants to “help empower far-right groups in Europe”. German legislators have been requesting he be expelled from their country.

Statements originating from the white house all seem to have that same bad after-taste. That after-taste being an agenda that supports a return to the past, a dumbing down of America to accommodate those who skated on over-paid union jobs for much too long. We also would say that these people cannot be left out of a future that most of us seem to expect from our government and would think government will someday be forced to deal with these people who cannot survive a world economy without assistance.

To think Donald Trump has a plan to destroy America seems a bit far fetched, but at times, it seems more than real. He addresses such a narrow band of ideas and liberties as to make us feel a shock and wonder, how is it a man can just walk in and do all the things we told were illegal, against tradition and proper morals, and get away with it? The fact is, Don Trump caught the law with its pants down, much the same way a gas station robber catches an over confident attendant off guard.

Truly, we find ourselves at the end of human authority here, there is no entity that can stop the attack on all that has come before and return to the repression of the 1950’s, to support racism and divisiveness, and blame those that would seek a true remedy as the cause: Donald Trump blaming Democrats as a whole, as if they were a race of people, for separating children from their parents seeking asylum at our border. This is not true, as mentioned today by CBS, and is purely a policy enforced by the Trump administration.


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