Donald Trump and Selective Freedom Of Speech

Donald Trump’s press secretary was asked directly, by two different reporters about the disparity between the president’s support for the baker’s free speech decision by the supreme court, that allows the baker to refuse service to a gay couple, and at the same time, deny that same right to the NFL football players that take a knee during the national anthem.

Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders danced around the answer by stating Mr. Trump’s policy regarding the national anthem is well known. She was pressed more than once, and was also asked if she knew if the president is aware that the protest was regarding police shootings of black people, and again, danced around the question with the same response.

We are extremely disappointed to see this disparity coming from the white house and would suggest there is a selective freedom of speech that reflects Mr. Trump’s opinion of whoever is being considered. None of the members of The Eagles football team has taken a knee, yet Mr. Trump uninvited them and today has cancelled any visit by the NBA championship team.

Mr. Trump states he is president to all, but does not reflect that in his actions. Today Mr. Trump has called for the re-admission of Russia to the G-7 convention, Russia was removed over the invasion of the Crimea. Mr. Trump seems to think such a transgression will be easily swept under the carpet and has no strategy to such a policy. It is unknown why Mr. Trump would favor an adversary in such a manner if he was not compromised in some manner.

When Mr. Trump exercises his own freedom of speech, he insults and divides, brings a complicated process down to its lowest common denominator, Mr. Trump is the porn of politics and sells every slice of himself that he is able.

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