Breitbart Boosts Travis Allen On Facebook

That is correct, I saw it myself and asked Mr. Allen, via his facebook, if he was now aligned with Breitbart and the Steve Bannon agenda? So far we have not heard back from Mr. Allen. Whether or not Mr. Allen is associated with Breitbart, it appears they are fond of his views, that is why would like some clarification from the man thinks he can be governor of the Golden State.

Here is a sample of Breitbart picking up Travis Allen’s “Trump Agenda”, and offering him a cheer:

Travis Allen: I Will ‘Absolutely’ Defund Sanctuary Cities as CA Governor

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  • Andrea

    Can’t wait for Travis Allen to be our next Governor! Everyone needs to vote June 5th. It’s time we take back our state.

    • admin

      I hate to pop your bubble, but Travis Allen is far behind his Republican opponent. Any candidate affiliated with Breitbart and Stephen Bannon is certainly not qualified to be governor of California. Perhaps you are not aware of his affiliations.
      The Democratic candidate is far ahead in the polls at this point, Democrat Newsom with more than twice the votes that are credited to Allen.
      He has no chance, is trying to ride the coat tails of the Trump victory that has lost its luster, was forced to change his website to serve his people instead of glorify Trump and Allen’s own Republican agenda. Allen is in this for himself, not to serve the people, he is a climber with ambitions, the haircut alone says it all.
      Voting Mirror.

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