Trump Refuses to Deliver Guest List

The New York Times has reported that Mr. Trump has refused to deliver his visitor list at his Mar Lago resort despite a court order. It is far too easy to bash a sitting president and at some point the negativity of it all seems more like a festering sore than the vision we would all prefer of Mr. Trump.

The entire premise that Mr. Trump’s “base” is as consequential in the daily matters of Washington D.C. is something I have yet to buy into. I hear the same reference on any reporting source, Mr. Trump’s base is either happy with Mr. Trump or not, and anything that Mr. Trump does, right or wrong, has no consequences as long as his “base” is happy. Mr. Trump’s base seems to have a publicist that portrays this base as a cohesive, up-to-date, well planned organization with a headquarters and a red line to the oval office.

My only conclusion is, this is a television series, a badly written television series that has no plot line. It is far too easy to blame it all on Mr. Trump, I have to lump in the entire facade that seems to be sustained by a system few of us are privy to or understand. The commonality of this premise of Mr. Trump’s base has no foundation in anything but a contrived paper tiger to run up the pole and shake to scare the crows away. The general public has become far too accepting of anything that comes from their idiot box, the one eyed monster I would more likely accuse than any one man or woman. Men and women seek fame and attention, the one eyed monster wants only your mind, it is soulless and has an agenda.

This concept, true or not, is the caution best taken in regards to the entire landscape of current politics. The combative nature of the system has been inherited from those that participated over 100 years ago: the citing of failures, insulting and false stories of personal or business life. This is not the vocabulary of our youth, this is not the school of politics we should continue to propagate as abusive parents do to their children. The time to create an elective construct that specifically identifies current issues and a cooperative effort to address these issues together, win or lose.

Parties with different agendas are the rule of this day, it is easy to say it doesn’t work, it is harder to say how to make it better. The first step is a culture of respect and support for each other. Candidates who degrades their opponents should be shunned, they are not people that go to a group in a cooperative, but a conquering spirit that does not serve the purpose of their position. Making new rules is not the answer, demanding character and professionalism is a must. Within a few years, Mr. Trump’s base will have faded in the face of the upcoming youth that, because of Mr. Trump, are now socially energized as a form of retribution against the low brow image Mr. Trump has brought to the office of president.

The only Trump base I am aware of does not listen to any information and would respond to the statements here by calling a name or generally spew insults in the worst way possible. What I have noticed, it is the same response a sports fan makes if you disparage their team. The genuine Trump base is a binary creature that sees only two sides to anything, one is either with them or against them, much the same as a wild pig in the Texas outback. If you come into their territory, there is no dealing with them, they attack you, period.

My point here, I cannot buy into the concept of the “Trump Base”. Asking me to believe 5 Red States are organized and retain communication and sway over our government, and thus the entire nation, is not going to work, at least not with me. I cannot say what the truth is, but I feel there is a very well constructed attempt to simplify reality and deliver a message that is meant to deceive me.

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