Jeff Sessions – Attorney General for how long?

Mr. Attorney General Jeff Sessions looked truly surprised at his press conference. At one point he seemed to giggle and was obviously sincere in his mystification. That mystification telling the tale, the tale of Corporate Culture in Washington D.C. and a different set of norms than the former Senator is accustomed to, or the enforcement of a rule, written or unwritten by those forces that choose to do so now, they same as decided for them at a previous time.
Mr. Sessions was irresponsible at best at his confirmation, not understanding the gravity of his encounters, perhaps a lack of political astuteness for the stereotype “Good Ol’ Boy” who considers himself and has been, irreproachable in the smaller ponds of the his past.
Mr. Sessions is surely a casualty of the resistance to the blunt politics of his boss, Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is not a Washington insider and has yet to cull the acceptance of the established “clique”. That is how people work, that is how our government works, it’s who you know, and in this arena, who you may fear. We at prefer to think that fear is what influences most thinking and decision making in the Senate and House of Representatives.
Mr. Sessions has a political culture that is obsolete and represents the kind of thinking that we feel comes from the self propriety inherent in the White, Upper Class of the South. They may be conservative, civil and polite, but tend to make up their own rules at the expense of those they exploit. Consequently we believe Mr. Sessions is the bane of his own organization, a new boss that is a stranger to the people already there. Until Mr. Trump listens to the wind, starts being the politician and statesman we doubt he is capable of, any nominee will be seen as Mr. Trump’s contamination and diluting of the existing government at the direction of Mr. Bannon.

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