Will You Be 18 In 2020?

If you are presently 15 years of age, you will most likely be old enough to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election. The differences in America we see today extend from a culture founded in analogue technology, a dialogue that does not exist if you are 15 years old. As our teenagers observe the confusion and lack of professionalism in this last election, they can only conclude the system is there not for accuracy, but to fulfill the desires of an aging set of citizens that refuse to relinquish control.

The vocabulary and dialogue of the political and social mess of last year’s election will gain all the more distance from any relevance for young voters by 2020. Negative ads, attacking and disparaging, this is why people do not vote, it is a negative experience for most, a football game for almost as many. If one is objective, the media dumbs everything down to two sides, worried that a more faceted view of reality will drive away viewers from the Number One Truck or the new Toothpaste sponsoring their shows.

I presently see nothing in the works to address this new wave of voters other than attempts with facebook that wallow in the same ilk as Manny’s Auto Repair on Main Street. The fact is, there is presently a branding crisis with the Democratic Party, other than Bernie Sanders, there is no lowest common denominator that people can look to as they did President Obama.

Whatever horse the Democratic party intends to saddle has yet to make itself known, and if it is not tuned to the new vocabulary or the times it will be as outdated as Mrs. Clinton’s image during her campaign.

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