Where is the DCCC?

We sent an email to the DCCC asking a few questions, and instead of receiving and answer to those questions, we have been bombarded by drama ridden requests for donations. When we called the offices, the phones were not answered and the mailboxes were full.

The constant e-mails are supposedly signed by everyone from Nancy Pelosi and others by first name only. The most recent are from Julia Agar, three within less than two hours, the Chief Digital Officer at the DCCC. All three of her emails are titleld “gut-wrenching loss” followed with links to donate money.

What is the big disconnect DCCC? We see the same kind of ambiguous presence with the DNC. The Democratic Party of California was not able to endorse either of their top two candidates for the upcoming 2018 race for Governor and are not providing any kind of leadership that members are looking for.

We would beg the DCCC to respond.


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