The man is giving up. He is moving on. Obama took nearly two years to complete his plan, an unprofessional team of Donald Trump’s is trying to undo this in two months. People in Washington D. C. are laughing as Trump takes a lesson, you can’t come into congress and say my way or the highway, it’s not a casino or real estate deal, Don.

Politicians on both sides are citing their voters and their obligation to them. Since when? This is the first time we have ever seen such a reference to voters, in the past, politicians do what they choose with little regard for their constituency. That is still true, the claims that those in office should fall in line or worry about re-election is for our ears, not for anyone who plays in that arena.

Sean Spicer’s combative attitude betrays a lack of confidence and ability in the Trump administration. He speaks as a guilty man would, dancing around questions from the press and making dogmatic remarks that are unrealistic.¬†Telling everyone the president is highly confident about the passage of the healthcare bill, meanwhile Trump running his legislative efforts like an advertising campaign leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many of his own party. This is more about Trump’s lack of understanding the game, his lack of connections in the “old school” cliques that have been in Washington for decades before him. They feel a need to flex their own muscle as a matter of ego, none of it serving the good of the people.

That is the culture of Donald Trump. He is a showman and tends to believe his own publicity, his own exaggerations. Today he has given up and walked away from something he cannot win at, he is a loser today and it’s sticking in his throat, so he walks away and moves on to the “easier questions” on his test as a leader.

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