The Election Is Over, But The Drama Continues
The Election Is Over, But The Drama Continues

As of today, Donald Trump has not budged on conceding an election he has clearly lost. His cult status among supporters is as real as and more reactive than any religious group, groups that can only watch and envy such devotion.

We are mostly amazed with the lack of enforcement, or the tools of enforcement, that would have preserved the many white house traditions and expectations of a nation. We were disappointed in the lack of tools available to those that would secure these traditions and fulfill the expectations of standard protocol within the People’s House, the White House.

First we were amazed by the lack of respect, the name calling specifically. The many degradations to the Office Of The President came, one by one, on a daily basis until it became a numbing type of normality to be tolerated by those with better senses.

We were next amazed by the blind support of Donald Trump received from what were once sensible, independent speaking members of Congress and the Senate. Each voice for Trump leaving a ringing question in our ears, what are they getting out of this? Despite the personal insults to those that ran for the 2020 Republican Presidential Nomination, there has been a chorus of support that would indicate a commitment beyond any sense of self preservation, as those of a cult or an employee, anxious to demonstrate they are a ‘team player’ and are hoping for an easy ride to their dreams.

We are anxious to see where loyalties, now displaced by an election, will find a home. Certainly not behind the current Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, but more, we suspect, with the likes of Mitt Romney.
The past weaknesses and misplaced loyalties of familiar Republican faces will preclude them from running a winning campaign, now or at any time in the future. Mr. Romney seems to be the most photogenic and experienced candidate the has enough appeal, even among the Cult of Trump folks, to garner the Republican nomination in 2020.

We presently believe that President Elect, Joe Biden, will not run for a second term. Kamala Harris will get the Democratic nomination, if she is not already president by 2024. Such a pair will illuminate the two dominant cultures of our society, one clinging on to the past while the other struggles to find a way forward. The imagined visual of Kamala Harris opposing Mitt Romney is a perfect metaphor for the polarization of cultures within our nation, a struggle deepened by the presence of Social Media that allows people to congregate within their own worlds, real or not, and create realities that find agreement and acceptance within a small band of believers.

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