There is a huge cultural gap between rural and urban citizens of the good old USA. It is a given that most rural areas, in the Mid West and East especially, can be as much as 20 years behind urban culture and norms. If you travel, you notice the difference in attire and the rhythm of the day from place to place.

Very much and organic structure is what you see, something that has grown over many life times. Small town or huge city, the layers of lives in that area are what create the subsystems that come to make up a national system. Towns and cities form where there is reason for one, usually based on commerce and convenience.

Up until now, everything has been organic with our political and election process. Now there seems to be a demand for some kind of accountability brought on by disappointment, lack of control, a desire for control. Many times we have witnessed the governmental process and came away wondering WHY anyone would want such a dry job. Try attending a local city council meeting and see if that is the kind of thing for you before you decide to go out and save the world. There is a viscosity and inertia that becomes painfully aware if you decide to enter such an arena.

Even if you do, what makes you think the government is responsible for your job? Is that the function of a president? A job is really the notion of a secure existence, a standard of living that is easy to maintain, something that feels organic. Assigning the president and his staff the responsibility of maintaining your job or lifestyle is not a democratic government’s process.

In turn, any politician that promises you a job is selling you air. Hearing Mid West factory workers lament that they no longer make $30 to $40 dollars an hour, can’t buy a new car every year and have steak dinners, is a testament to a lifestyle few of us can maintain nor have for a long time. A report on CBS made it very clear when they interviewed out of work people in Eerie, PA that had voted for Donald Trump and felt compelled to do so. Their old lifestyle had evaporated as it did on the West Coast decades ago. Unless you retooled for a modern job, including computer skills, you have no place in the organically evolving economy we live in.

It is a given, by 40 or 50, one must retrain and change careers. Anyone that age has been through it, whether you’re a mom going back to work after kids, or a dad who needs to create a better life for his kids and family, you have to diversify and look for your own opportunities. Relying on the government to change your life, or preserve the one you have is not a good business plan. We saw one man in the CBS show that had been on unemployment a year, and had done nothing but wait, took no outside action on his own as it wasn’t enough money, or more, not the $30 to $40 an hour he could make at the GE Electric Plant doing assembly work.

Since when did the president become responsible for you to access your own life situation and make the hard choices that one certainly will face by the time they are 50, if they live that long. Being such a person would be the forward looking, an activist for themselves and thus having the strength and know how to be activists for others. It is very easy to be average if you rely on the government for your education, your job, your well being.

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