Senator John Barrasso Blames Russian LPG Imports on Democrats

We watched Senator Borrasso address the Senate two days ago. His focus was to attack Democrats, which accomplishes nothing. He disparaged Nancy Pelosi and mentioned her name at least twice. Senator Borrasso then went into a passionate presentation regarding the importing of Russian LPG, displaying a large image of a Russian tanker unloading at an American port.

Senator Borrasso literally ranted about “Democrats” and their policies were at fault. Senator Borrasso is from Wyoming, a state that depends heavily on oil as a resource and the people that own those interests are loud in the ear of the Senator. We cannot imagine another Wyoming Senator that would be properly serving their state without giving the oil companies their due consideration. However, the Senator’s rant was an attack on other Senators mixed with the issues he is obliged to represent.

These divisive paradigms are now becoming evident to the general public through streaming news one can see on ABC. No editing or commercials, simply the action in the Senate. Most of the Republican Senators that spoke that day glorified the Trump administration in an attempt to gather some light and alliance where they may feel they have none. The very tone of their presentation belies a desired recognition from Mr. Trump or those close to him over providing unbiased representation of their constituents.

Dividing us into a binary system is a dumbing down for those that would prefer our politics were couched in the same fashion as a football game with the same intense loyalty for one’s team. We find it very disturbing that Senator Barrasso would ignore the present situation between Russia and the United States, especially the day Mr. Putin announces a new crop of nuclear weapons, and instead, claiming his constituent’s Russian¬†issues are due to “Democrats”.

We are sincerely disappointed in you, Senator Barrasso, it takes two wings to fly, the right and left. Your attacks only detract from your effectiveness in representing the great state of Wyoming. Check yourself.

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