Obama Did It! and Mr. Trump’s Village

Last night’s Tweets declaring that President Obama tapped the phones at Trump Tower suggests the kind of tattle tale mentality more commonly found on the elementary school play yard. Mr. Trump seems to Tweet to some unseen judge in the sky the media refers to as his “base”. Mr. Trump complains a lot, presently doing so to derail any focus on the items in the news about Russia and Mr. Pence, the Attorney General.
Mr. Trump saying he “just found out”, as if someone burst into his night room to inform him. There is some news saying he has no proof, others saying the ex-president’s response still left some room for this to be a credible story, seeming to ignore the last sentence which declares any such notions are false.
Either way, it seems Mr. Trump has the kind of Karma that pays back rather quickly after the rash of “leaks” that Mr. Trump so adoringly cited over and over during his campaign. Now we find out he has something to hide. Yes. If you’re playing it straight, who cares what is overheard or seen? If anything, it would be proof to the powers that would oppose you that you’re clean and playing a game they cannot. Instead Mr. Trump has a childish meltdown on Twitter as if some giant Matron of Judgement will emerge from a cosmic closet and sooth him, chastise those that have offended him and give him a cookie. Calling out to the public with false claims, bleating like a lost sheep whenever it suits him is better suited for a High School drama than a grown man, let alone a sitting president.
Our Favorite part is when Mr. Trump described the election process as “sacred”, when he exploited same against his opponents, now his chicken has come home to roost.

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