“My Generals Are Very Respected”

Donald Trump crazy

Mr. Trump has indicated in a public interview that “his” generals are very respected, in an effort to distance himself from taking any responsibility for the Navy Seal killed in Yemen recently. To further that distance, Mr. Trump brought the widow to his congressional speech and made a display that tested the will of the most committed anti-Trumper. Truly propaganda at it’s best, propaganda that changes no truth.

Mr. Trump elevates himself at his own expense. Those are “our” generals, Mr. Trump. Dictators have generals. Such a gross revelation can only leave us laughing along with the generals Mr. Trump proclaims to possess.

It is more tragic that the Navy Seal is a the subject of propaganda and a pawn to be pushed around by anyone with an opinion to peddle. We consider the tearful display in congress during the speech heartwarming, but hardly appropriate.

The careful display of faces and people is the hallmark of Mr. Trump and his staff. Never have we seen executive orders video tapped and staged. Nor have we ever seen the distinct lack of taste shown by Ms. Conway with her feet tucked under and knees apart as if she were in a bikini at Cabo. The old girls in Iowa must have to bite their lip as we know what they think of this sort of “un-lady like behavior”. Truly in bad taste and an indication of an unawareness and certainly classless understanding of the moment.

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