Jeff Sessions on Kids- Its Just A Few Weeks

Our United States Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, spoke in Indiana two days ago. There he defended his policy and once again, insisted he is enforcing the laws of the land. He gave a very thorough and justifiable declaration about the basic rules of nation state’s and the minimal logistics for maintaining one through rule of law.
This set the tone for his remarks about the current issue and Trump adminstration policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the Southwest Border of the United States. He justified his positiion by saying it is the law, when in fact, it is purely a policy of the current administration.
What everyone seems to have missed is, Mr Sessions mitigated the horror of this policy with the words “only” and “weeks”. Mr. Sessions declared that the children are separated from their parents for “just a few weeks while their parents are being processed”, and then insinuated that it could be even longer. He basically classified the action of taking these children from their parents as no big deal, it is the law. This statement was used this morning by Donald Trump to blame Democrats for tearing children apart from their parents, “its their law”.
We are extremely disappointed to hear the attempt to normalize an Un-American policy from the Attorney General of the United States, especially one who has served in the Senate, which he referred to numerous times as ground work for justifying his remarks. Adding to this disappointment, were the words of Donald Trump today, declaring that it was the Democrats at fault for “tearing children from their mother’s arms”, as if he has nothing to do with it. The reports on CBS were quick to add this fact after running the clip this morning. “It is solely a policy of this administration”, is what the CBS analyst said.
Whatever forces and powers exist for the better, we cannot see them coming into play here. It not as if that power for good is standing by and watching, it becomes obvious there is no team of people effectively able to counter these types of policy within a time to prevent the damage they cause. We would suggest that from this situation, will come those laws that bring immediate consequence to such actions.
We all see senators and congress people alike, declaring their opposition, but to what action? I see their tweets and their outrage, but the exploitation of our nation’s administrative branch continues, it continues at the frantic pace of a burglar grabbing as many things as he may before the alarm brings the police.
A reorganization of our government is what is looming, something with a few more gears and the speed to match the highway upon which our nation travels.

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