Was It Enough For You?

First of all, did you watch Mr. Trump’s speech Tuesday night? I generally look past specifics and consider the entire delivery within the texture and context it is given.

Even if you don’t approve of the man, he is doing the dance, doing perhaps more than if the Democratic, status quo had persisted. Nonetheless, there is still something that leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth regarding Mr. Trump’s delivery and the smirking gentlemen that sat behind him, Pence standing to lead the audience with most every declaration made. It was to the point of being silly to watch.

The speech itself nothing a man like Mr. Trump could never compose or navigate without professional coaching. That is the bottom line of our observation. We did not feel these words were his, coming from him as with other statesmen we might see at the podium. Mr. Pence is an expert and generally picks up the ball whenever he can to avoid the more unprofessional rendering Mr. Trump may make of a scripted speech. That is it for us, it is not he that is speaking but those behind him with a weak agenda cannot sustain the process of our government.

Anyone can see, at this point, the visual display of bipartisan feelings in the Senate. Clothes being the object of some reports, one of a $600 pair of slippers, which seems out of place considering it was most likely the cheapest pair of shoes in the place besides the camera crew’s. The coverage itself is now a character of it’s own with every display Mr. Trump makes, coordinated to sustain whatever image he has contrived for the day.

Either way, Mr. Trump’s speech seemed insincere to us. The words were not his, his delivery was stodgy and cumbersome, often times digressing into hyperbole such as describing how immigrant families “will be happy indeed.” A rather obtuse statement that no one really buys into.


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