Today Jeff Sessions has announced a rescinding of Obama Era Marijuana laws in the face of legalization in California. Trump’s ICE Chief has announced today he wants “prosecute politicians who won’t lock up more immigrants”, as reported by the Huffington Post. Trump, at he same time, has dissolved his Commission investigating voter fraud claiming “mostly” blue states are not cooperating by refusing to submit information most of us believe will be used to skew future elections towards a Republican victory.

Yesterday, New York’s Governor announced law suits against the Trump Tax Bill, adding to the list of State’s issues with the Trump administration, not the “Federal Government”. Trump is using federal authority to enforce his personal agenda on an entire nation, leaving the courts as the only power to stop the Trump attacks on what the people desire. These actions by the Trump administration bring it closer to a dictatorship than a presidency, forcing his personal preferences to become law and disregard any protest or alternative thinking.

There has also been a deplorable run of Trump taking credit for things he has nothing to do with. Taking credit for airline safety, taking credit for North and South Korea opening their communications line at their borders. The man refuses to acknowledge the surge in Coal Mining Deaths this year as it does not glorify the Trump brand.

The present division between states and federal governments and authorities is becoming greater with each Trump tweet. Trump creates uncertainty, not as a strategy to accomplish a goal, but as an unintended result of thoughtless tweeting. We at are urging more unity between those that oppose the Trump attack on state’s rights until the nation retrieves it’s leadership.

It is imperative that we all vote, we encourage others to register and vote. We are recommending voting by mail, this way there is little room for a Trump declaration of voter fraud and voting becomes very convenient and easy. Only 61% of people voted in the 2016 election, better than some in the past, but a pathetic representation needed for a true democracy. This is why we encourage all to REGISTER TO VOTE! You can register to vote from our home page!


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