DOJ Announcements From Mueller In November

It is customary for the Department of Justice to hold announcements concerning ongoing investigations tied to anyone involved in an upcoming election. It is not the law, but the long time tradition is nothing within 6 weeks.
The Mueller interviews with Mr. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former attorney, after his guilty plea and decision to “flip”, have taken a back seat during the intense noise of the 2018 mid-term campaigns. The testimony from Mr. Manafort, who has been languishing in jail with no hopes of a pardon, has yet to make itself known. There are a number of important players in this investigation who have made several steps forward, but have yet to reveal how and why.
The consequences of what I expect to be a bombshell revelation before Thanksgiving, will redirect the entire emotional mindset of the nation. Once again, issues like DACA and the immigrant caravan on the way here, will have lost their stage presence in the show conjured for those would let fear rule their lives.

In the last week I have listened to both Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump speak. Mr. Obama saying “don’t boo, vote”. The chant being “vote, vote, vote”. Mr. Obama spoke of hope. Mr. Trump spoke of blame, of invasion, of rape and murder, bad trade deals, and a host of bogey men that threaten our existence. One is so positive and the other a downright bummer.

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