Canada: Don Trump’s Newest Scapegoat

Today CBS reported Larry Kudlow, Donald Trump’s Financial adviser, declared Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau had stabbed Don Trump in the back. Mr. Kudlow is creating a type of propaganda that endangers all of us living in the United States. Not getting along with Canada is like not getting along with a Golden Retriever, only on South Park did we see a war with Canada until now.

The arrogance with which Mr. Trump addressed the G-7 conference created a cringing moment for any of us that respects and understands the value of our allies. It becomes easy to conclude that most of the attendees will adopt a sit and wait attitude, knowing Mr. Trump will sooner or later leave office. If you do the math, it becomes obvious that Mr. Trump is something that will not only pass with great fanfare, but with great upheaval through either the loss of an election and all the finger pointing, name calling and lies Mr. Trump will use as an excuse for losing, or through a dramatic and emotionally charged resignation. Either way, fasten your seat belts, its going to be a bumpy ride.

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