Paul Ryan – Today’s Glib Gaveller

Mr. Ryan declaring this morning that his new Tax Plan is popular in the face of the extremely unpopular Republican Tax Plan. Other Republican House Members declaring people will see a difference in their paychecks by February of 2018. All of these people relying on the disconnect between themselves and the public to escape any retribution for skewing the truth in all they say.

Mr. Ryan gaveled in the bill with a big smile on his face. Earlier in the CBS live broadcast, he could be seen chuckling and joking with colleges behind a passionate Democratic Representative arguing his point. When Mr. Ryan spoke to the press, he basically put lip stick on a pig he won’t have to care for after the 2018 mid-terms. Each Republican Representative that spoke before him seemed to smack of a coordinated and rehearsed announcement in the wake of a bought-for victory.

There was never any doubt the present situation would not exist, and our only expectation would be that the Democratic Opposition is making their plans to remedy all that has been done against the will of an American majority. We at find the Democratic criticism a matter of being a matter of course and more an elicitation of guilt on the part of their Republican opponents. Perhaps the reason congress itself has an approval rating just over 20%.

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